December 4, 2023

Marie-Anne Clair

Technology and Digital Director

Born 15 May 1959.


Marie-Anne Clair is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine (1982) and the ESTA aerospace engineering school (1983).


Marie-Anne Clair joined CNES in 1983 at the agency’s Launch Vehicles Directorate (DLA) in Evry.

1983-1988: In charge of studies for Ariane launcher stage separation and ballistic phases of satellite separation in orbit.

1988: Transferred to Toulouse.

1988-1991: In charge of satellite positioning operations for SPOT 2.

1992-1994: Responsible for Hermes/Ariane 5 interfaces for the European Hermes space shuttle project, and for engineering and programmatic aspects.

1995-2001: Project Manager for the SPI spectrometer on ESA’s Integral galactic and extra-galactic gamma-ray space observatory. Instrument developed in house by CNES.

2002-2005: Head of microsatellite division and then department, in charge of CNES’s Myriade series of science satellites: Demeter and Parasol in orbit, Picard and Microscope in development, Argosat, Taranis and Eclairs in preliminary study phase.

2006-2008: Head of Universe science satellites department, in charge of design, development and construction of Myriade-series satellites (Picard, Microscope, Taranis), formation flight (SimbolX, Prisma), planning of the French contribution to ESA’s Cosmic Vision project, and cooperation with China (SVOM).

2009-2013: Head of Balloons Sub-directorate, in charge of design, fabrication, verification, qualification and operation of stratospheric and tropospheric balloons for the European scientific community.

2013-2016: Deputy Director of Launch Vehicles, focused on strategic aspects and oversight of current and future launcher projects. In charge of preparing Ariane 6 brief.

2017-2019 : Director of Orbital Systems

2019 - 2023: Director of the Guiana Space Center (CSG). 
During these 4 years, major CSG renovation projects have been launched in the areas of operations, digitalization, greening the space base's energy, opening up to new launch operators, and improving competitiveness and working methods.

On 01/12/2023, Marie-Anne Clair becomes Technology and Digital Director.

2002: Knight of the National Order of Merit
2005: French air and space academy Silver Medal
2007: Knight of the Legion of Honour

Marie-Anne Clair Credits: © CNES/ESA/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo CSG/P Piron, 2021