June 14, 2016

Toulouse Space Show: 2000 visitors expected

The 5th Toulouse Space Show will be held from 28 to 30 June 2016 at the Pierre Baudis Congress Centre in Toulouse, France.

Toulouse Space Show, this world-ranking space event, held on "even" years, is a truly international showcase where space professionals can analyse current events and identify the latest trends in the sector alongside all the leading stakeholders and decision-makers, including space agency directors, leaders of industrial groups and political figures. It’s a forum dedicated to the progress in space infrastructure, technologies and applications. Opportunities for discussion and networking include:

  • round tables and thematic talks given by top international experts,
  • an international trade fair of space know-how,
  • a B2B business convention,
  • associated events such as workshops and demonstrations of applications
  • cocktail receptions and a special TSS evening.

to forge new partnerships

The 2014 edition was a huge success, attracting over 1,800 professional participants, including 100 exhibitors and 2,000 B2B meetings, with 40 countries represented. The TSS is a unique opportunity to bring together representatives of several communities—industrial groups, public officials and members of the civilian, military and academic worlds—to discuss the most critical and pivotal topics of the day:

  • international cooperation and capacity building
  • innovations and disruptions
  • geo-intelligence
  • new uses, new objects linked to the digital transition
  • space exploration (aimed at the general public, and particularly students).

In addition to the round tables, talks, demonstrations and trade exhibition, which will give expression to the broad diversity and excellence of space activities, the TSS is also a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships through B2B meetings and networking.

The TSS will also host several affiliated events, such as the Start-up Village, Women in AeroSpace, Technology Transfer Hackathon, GNSS-GSA Training Session, and a workshop on exportation for SMEs, all of which both add value to and benefit from the space sector in many different ways.

Credits: CNES.

2014 Toulouse Space Show edition at the Pierre Baudis Congress Centre in Toulouse, France. Credits: CNES.