November 30, 2010

The various rooms

In the control room, areas are dedicated to each payload and users can perform operations in real time or simulations required for international certifications

Control room

As each room dedicated to real-time operations, it allows:

  •  Operation monitoring,
  •  Onboard data receiving and processing,
  •  Telecommand sending,
  •  Data dissemination.

Each work area is equipped with consoles supporting one or several applications related to the experiment concerned.

The room also contains large screens to improve visibility.

Finally, in order to exchange or send commands from sites outside CNES – for users identified as User Home Base (UHB), a few computers are independently connected to the CNES network.

Simulation room

Next to the control room, the simulation room allows:

  • Operation preparation and simulations,
  • Learning of applications and tools,
  • Development of new tools or procedures,
  • Data post-processing in order not to impede real-time operations in terms of resources.

It is equipped with consoles containing simulation applications as well as the same applications that can be found in the control room.

Other rooms

Besides these two rooms, CADMOS also contains:

  • A technical room,
  • A video conference room,
  • A VIP room for visitors,
  • A dining room,
  • An unpacking and storage room.

Moreover, specific offices with telephones, computers and internet connections are reserved to external staff when they come to CADMOS to complete preparation activities.

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