May 24, 2006

CNES and Eumetsat sign Jason-2 agreement

Last month, Europe (CNES and Eumetsat) and the United States (Nasa and NOAA) signed a cooperation agreement on the Jason-2 programme. The European partners have now signed a new agreement on this ocean surface topography mission.
24 May 2006

A new agreement for Jason-2

Eumetsat1 and CNES have signed a cooperation agreement that will strengthen Europe’s contribution to the international Jason-2 programme.
The agreement specifies the 2 agencies’ respective roles in the future ocean surface topography mission.

Eumetsat is to commit funding for part of the project and will take responsibility for processing, near-real-time distribution (3 hr.) and archiving of data.

CNES has mission oversight responsibility with NASA and is supplying the Doris precise orbit determination system.

Next step for altimetry

A chief aim of Jason-2 is to collect highly accurate altimetric measurements of the ocean surface, as well as data on wind speed and wave height, providing continuity of measurements collected by Topex/Poseidon (1992-2005) and Jason-1, operational since 2001.

The Jason-2 satellite will operate in a non-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 1,330 km, delivering ocean surface topography measurements accurate to within a few cm every 10 days.
This information will help to achieve more effective global ocean monitoring and develop numerical models for predicting ocean circulation and climate change.
Jason-2 data will give scientists a closer insight into the impact of ocean circulation on climate change. Applications set to benefit include marine meteorology, operational oceanography, navigation aids, tracking of oil slicks and drifting objects, marine resource management and seasonal forecasting.
The satellite is scheduled to launch in June 2008.

1 European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites

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