February 14, 2006

The Corot launch preparation campaign

The Corot launch preparation campaign is advancing on time and without a hitch, moving step by step toward its scheduled departure this autumn. This mission’s ambitious aim is to detect Earth-like planets outside our Solar System. We take a look behind the scenes at the work that has gone into readying this world-first satellite.
12 April 2006
The pictures here retrace the steps of the components making up the Corot satellite. After delivery to Alcatel Alenia Space early in January, the flight model of the telescope was integrated with the Proteus spacecraft bus.

The full satellite then successfully completed electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, and recently went through a series of tests to simulate vibrations to which it will be subjected at launch. Remaining acoustic chamber tests will simulate sound vibrations also encountered during launch.

In Toulouse, the ground component is also falling into place after a successful system qualification readiness review.
Corot is set to observe some 120,000 stars during its 2½-year mission. Scientists hope to detect dozens of planets whose size and temperature would make them candidates for being “large Earths”.

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