March 7, 2006

New look for CNES

On Earth, in Space is the mantra you are used to seeing on the CNES website. Recently, you will have noticed that our logo has received a makeover, too. Now, after a lengthy creative process, our website’s graphic design has been revamped to give the agency a new identity.
3 April 2006

A clear editorial line

The objective underlying the agency’s new mantra, its 1st-ever graphic template and redesigned logo is to give CNES’s brand identity more impact and clarity.
Just over a year ago, CNES adopted On Earth, in Space as its new mantra.
This mantra encompasses all of the agency’s activities and reflects society’s expectations with regard to sustainable development, security and stewardship of the planet.
While the mantra obviously evokes Earth observation, it also covers access to space as a prerequisite for an ambitious space policy; civil applications; military programmes, seen in the light of the protection of nation states; and sciences of the Universe, providing new windows into our world.

CNES’s overriding aim is to unify and promote the agency’s actions in line with its current activities and future ambitions.

A new graphic design for a clearer identity

CNES’s all-new graphic template is a key component of this shift, as part of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary process.

For example, the logo has been given a makeover but not fundamentally altered.

The Vasarely-inspired parallel lines are gone, making way for a solid-fill deep blue, a colour associated with the space sector.
It is also open, translating the agency’s vocation to be involved in many walks of our daily life.

The logo’s sense of movement is unchanged. The sphere evokes Earth and the upward thrust encapsulates the agency’s activities—together, they can equally represent the launch of a rocket or the benefits reaped from space on Earth.
CNES’s brand identity is also marked by a curved line, reflecting Earth’s curvature. This signature symbolizes the close ties between space and Earth, and spans the full spectrum of the agency’s activities.

Revamped communication tools

This new identity brings with it new communication tools.
New materials include a monthly postcard for Members of Parliament highlighting a striking picture in the news1, a new corporate film and a new brochure.
CNES Mag has also been redesigned with a redefined editorial line.
The agency’s website also echoes these changes, with a redesigned home page based on the new graphic template and new graphics artwork2. Other enhancements to the site also make browsing easier and more intuitive.
In line with CNES’s new editorial stance, the core section of the website revolves around the mantra, where all the features are now to be found.

1 The postcard is published every month on the website under the heading Image of the month

2 Designed by Cagdas Kahriman


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