August 10, 2011

ATV-3 docking live and tweetup in Toulouse

The 3rd European ISS resupply craft is scheduled to dock with the station during the night of 28-29 March. The event will be broadcast live on this website and followed on Twitter by 50 ‘tweeters’ invited by CNES and ESA to the ATV Control Centre in Toulouse.

27 mars 2012

Going live at 23:54

Docking with the ISS is always a momentous event for Europe’s ATV resupply craft. As well as ferrying food and equipment for the station’s 6-strong crew, its mission is also to help the ISS to stay on course.

You can watch the final ISS approach phase of the 20-tonne monster live during the night of 28-29 March on this website. Events will also be followed on Twitter by an international audience of 50 ‘tweeters’ invited by CNES and ESA to the ATV Control Centre (ATV-CC) at the Toulouse Space Centre. The tweetup will begin at around 18:30 when the audience will be able to meet ATV mission specialists.

The live web transmission will begin at 23:54 CET, with docking scheduled at 0:33. The ATV-3 Edoardo Amaldi was orbited by an Ariane 5 ES launcher from Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana on 23 March. It will remain berthed to the station for 6 months at most and will burn up with its return cargo of waste from the ISS when it re-enters the dense layers of Earth’s atmosphere at the end of its mission.

Twitter account for the tweetup: @Spacetweetup
Hashtag: #atvtweetup