September 30, 2010

Role of CADMOS

The CADMOS project aims to define, develop and implement experiments in microgravity.

It has different ground-based systems, such as laboratories, ground models, control centers, networks. They are all dedicated to scientific programs which are carried out for CNES or on behalf of ESA.
It can use two test facilities, the International Space ISS (Station) and the Airbus ZERO-G, for parabolic flights.

As soon as the experiment is launched, CADMOS is responsible for its operational monitoring. It takes place in a control room which is especially designed for this occasion. Experts in operations (operators) manage the links whereas people in charge of the instruments and experiments are trained to use consoles and response procedures to monitor their experiments.

In the particular case of manned spaceflights, CADMOS is the point of contact between ground segments in Europe, the United States or even Russia, to assist astronauts in the fulfillment of the experiment (should there be a problem, they can provide expertise), and scientific specialists, who make sure everything goes smoothly in real time, from CADMOS or a laboratory related to CADMOS (UHB: User Home Base).

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Finally, throughout the experiment, CADMOS is responsible for the entire data processing chain, from data collection to data archiving and dissemination to scientific users.

Three phases can be determined: operation preparation, operation monitoring and data archiving and dissemination.

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