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Modelling of the attitude of an uncontrolled space object réf:T2018SI103


The DSO/DV/ISL department is responsible for modelling and risk calculation studies related to space debris. These uncontrolled space objects represent a significant danger for space missions. In particular, the coupled evolution of attitude and orbit of an uncontrolled object is the subject of numerous studies at the French government space agency (CNES) and elsewhere. The CNES has developed a 6-ddl propagator (position and attitude). We are seeking to approve this propagator through a comparison with optical observations of known objects.

For this, you will:
- Gain an understanding of the 6-ddl propagator and its movement equations
- Establish a method for calculating the light curve, in other words the expected result from the observation of a satellite through an optical telescope
- Process the actual object measurements and compare them with the results obtained by simulation
- Suggest and implement improvements to both the 6-ddl propagator and the method of calculating the light curve.
You will be part of the DSO/DV/ISL department and will liaise with the optical observation expert and also the 6-ddl propagator manager.

Desired profile

You should be a final year student at engineering school or university seeking an end-of-course internship and interested in topics related to space surveillance and debris. You should have previously studied astrodynamics. In addition, you should have a good knowledge of IT programming tools (in particular Java) and an interest in digital simulation. You should be independent, willing to take the initiative, enjoy working in a team and be familiar with Java and Scilab programming languages.

Structure description

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