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Ku and Ka Band Plastic Waveguide for Space Applications


The IMS research center patented a novel high performance plastic waveguide topology fabricated using a low cost extrusion process. This waveguide was first intended for very high data rate communication at millimeterwave. This technology can replace metallic waveguide while providing lower weight, especially for satellite constellation applications. Compared to metallic waveguide, it reduce cost and ease satellite assembling process thanks to the provided flexibility.

Such flexible plastic waveguide could also replace moving parts, especially rotary joints used for some antenna design.

The design will target the Ku and Ka bands. Peek, Kapton and Teflon materials will be considered.

During the design, the plastic waveguide section will be optimized to achieve high performance and comply with space requirements.

A particular attention will be devoted to the metallization process.

Temperature test will be achieved at the IMS research center.

Interconnects with conventional rectangular and circular metallic waveguides, together with interconnects with coaxial waveguide for module interconnect will be studied, fabricated and experimentally demonstrated.


ðProposed plan and milestones:

- Bibliographic analysis of plastic waveguide, interconnections and extrusion and metallization process.

- Plastic waveguide link and interconnections specifications

- Design of the plastic waveguide and interconnections

- Fabrication of the plastic waveguide and interconnections

- Metalisation of the plastic waveguide

- Specification of the experimantal validation

- Experimentation of the plastic waveguide and interconnections

- Assembling of the plastic waveguide link

- Experimentation of the plastic waveguide link

Desired profile

Master in microwave engineering (or equivalent)

Structure description
Host laboratory : Laboratoire IMS – CNRS UMR5218
PhD/research supervisor : Ghiotto Anthony
Email of PhD/research supervisor :
Offer CNES supervisor : TOTTOLO Cédric

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