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Software Engineer for a new generation of schedule Tool


Missions : Within the division  responsible for software developments and maintenance of Networks, Stations and Alert Department, you will be in charge of the definition of the new generation scheduling tool, taking into account the feed-back of operational team and some improvements for the future. The current software is in charge of the allocation of around 30 000 passes per year among  ten ground stations of the CNES network, based on constraints established by  satellites users. Anticipating on the one hand new requirements for upcoming missions and on the other hand some software obsolescence, we expect that the current tool will show some limitations in terms of capabilities and performances in a few years. The first improvements to be studied are the following ones:

- To anticipate the increase of the volume of input data (due to new satellites) to maintain acceptable performances for the users.

- New solver proposal : the current COTS is integrated in the operational software to solve conflicts between constraints and  to find the optimal path, but the algorithm is not determinist and won’t be maintened anymore as from next year. It is requested to assess other solvers and to show pros and cons of each of them, using prototype developments

- Global feed-back on functions : starting from the current features, a large review for new requirements is to be conducted. Which functions shall be kept, improved, added or deleted are among  the questions to be answered.

To achieve these objectives, you will collaborate with control Centre operators and network operational team members in charge of the pass scheduling.

Desired profile

The position is open to any young engineer with strong knowledge in computer science, software developments (some prototypes are expected).  The holder will work in close collaboration with CNES operations teams. As a consequence, French must be fluent to be able to understand properly their needs and wishes. In addition, a requirements document for this new system is to be produced and to be written in French.

Structure description

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