Definitions list
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  • imaging
    Techniques used to produce, process and retrieve image signals.
  • imaging instrument
    Instrument or device used to obtain an image. For example, an imaging radar or imaging radiometer.
  • imaging radar
    Radar capable of acquiring imagery of land surfaces and oceans, day and night, and in all weathers.
  • in-situ
    In the field of space, in-situ observations describe observations performed on the ground, as opposed to satellite observations.
  • infrared montgolfiere
    Airship heated naturally by the Earth’s infrared flux at night, augmented by solar radiation during the day.
  • injection point
    Point in space at which a launch vehicle releases its satellite payload and imparts the required velocity to boost it into the target orbit.
  • interferometry
    Measuring technique that exploits a phenomenon called interference. Interferometry determines the difference in the distances between a source of electromagnetic waves and 2 receivers placed a small distance apart. It works by measuring the phase difference of the received signals.
  • investigation test
    Test designed to push an item of equipment to its operating limits, which may even destroy the equipment.
  • ionosphere
    Layer of the upper atmosphere of Earth and certain other planets containing charged particles (electrons and ions).