October 20, 2016

CNES awarded Happy Trainees 2016/2017 label

CNES was recently awarded the Happy Trainees label for 2016/2017 by Meilleures-Entreprises.com following a survey of interns and apprentices in July.

The agency came 6th in its category* with an overall score of 4.35/5 (the minimum required to obtain the label being 3.82) and a recommendation rating of 94.9% (minimum required 75%). The participation rate was 61.5% (minimum required 50%).

The full results can be viewed in the special issue of Les Echos Start of 18 October on the best firms for interns and on the web.
Only the top 10, among them CNES, will be in this ranking!

* Companies hosting 100 to 500 interns

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